- Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, I'll most definitely respond quicker there -
I've gotten a handful of requests already. If you have films that you would like me to scan, I would be more than happy to do up to 24 for free (that takes me around an hour), as well as pay for USPS mailing. You can have the originals back, I'll store them in protective archival sleeves for you. Or, you can also keep them with me as I have a storage system for them.
If you have more, I would kindly ask for a small donation, which we can negotiate depending on how much you have. If it goes beyond what I can handle, I can refer you to some really reputable professionals that do this for a living.
I would also ask that you let me share just a couple of them on this site or on Tik Tok, of your choice and with your permission of course, as this is what keeps this project alive :))
Thank you!
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